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Little Gifts of Love: Celebrating Relationships

loveIt’s Valentine’s Day and millions of people will be rushing around today, purchasing cards, flowers and chocolate to celebrate a commercial holiday. Few people will actually stop and recognize what they should really be celebrating– the little everyday acts of love, mostly given without thought by the person who loves them.

Love is that fresh cup of coffee you wake up to in the morning, the umbrella waiting for you by the door and the freshly shoveled driveway when you come home to the hot meal waiting for you on the table. It’s working a boring, mundane job, day after day, that keeps a roof over your head and it’s picking up the slack when times get tight.  Too often we come to expect these things and forget the expression of love behind them.

No matter how you choose to celebrate today, take a moment to remember the things that are truly important.

In the Stephen Sondheim musical, Passion, the character Fosca describes her love as, “Loving you is not a choice, It’s who I am.

Expressions of love are all around us everyday.

We just need to remember to take the time to notice.