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Oh the Scandal!

Here was the exchange between my Mom and I on Facebook this morning:



Mom shared a link.
A great man and a GREAT President!
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  • Jeff Linamen Probably the most note worthy “scandal” is that of his support of the Jay Treaty. The new country was in financial trouble. They’d won the war but had no money to enforce that win. The English Army did NOT leave North America and instead hung around to harass the citizens. Add to this, the English Navy was running rough shod over U.S. merchant ships, often raiding and pressing U.S. sailors (civilians) into service aboard the English ships. All of the other countries were still run by monarchies. That means that none would willingly do business with America. The country was teetering on the virge of bankruptcy. Sec. of Treasury Hamilton sent John Jay to England to negotiate a trade agreement with the English. What Jay returned with was NOT pleasing to a great many people (including Washington). The deal gave U.S. merchant ships the protection of the English Navy but at considerable cost.

    Thomas Jefferson was so incensed by the trade agreement and Washington’s support of it that Jefferson open and repeatedly accused Washington of treason. The accusations were often enough that Washington decided to step down as President. In his farewell address, Washington planned to openly address those charges made by Jefferson. Hamilton rewrote the speech and removed the direct references to Jefferson. Instead, it left Washington warning against partisanship.

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  • Jeff Linamen Sounds like today.

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  • Jeff Linamen In February 1777 Gen. George Washington gave a New York man the go-ahead to establish a spy network in the region and promised him $50 a month “for your care and trouble in this business.”

    The order by Washington is contained in a letter purchased by the organizers of the District’s new International Spy Museum, which will open next month. The one-page letter, written in Washington’s meticulous slanted script, hasn’t been publicly displayed since it was reproduced in a newspaper in 1931. The letter stayed in the family of Nathaniel Sackett, a political activist and a merchant for the Continental Army, until a couple of years ago. It was purchased in April 2002 by the museum from a private collector.

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  • Jeff Linamen There are several known sex scandals associated with George
    Washington. John C. Fizpatrick’s, “The George Washington Scandals”,
    Manuscript Division of Library of Congress” page 389 discussed these
    scandals in a 1927 article. These scandals have not been proven as
    fact, but have been bandied about for years. The scandals consist of
    “Sweet Kate” the mulatto, washer-woman’s daughter who may have slept
    with Washington. George Washington’s use of ciphers next to various
    female slaves listed in several of his diaries have also been
    circumspect; and that his fatal illness of December 13, 1799, was the
    result of an assignation with an overseer’s wife.

    Many historians will now concede George Washington’s love for Sally
    Fairfax, his best friend’s wife. In Thomas Flexner’s book, “George
    Washington ? The Forge of Experience” page 198, depicts a letter
    George Washington wrote to Sally Fairfax in which he states his
    unrequited love for her.

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  • Mom But he didn’t sell us out to SOCIALISM!

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  • Jeff Linamen haha… Lincoln did that 😉

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  • Mom You are impossible!

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  • Jeff Linamen I can post a lot of Lincoln and Jefferson scandals too. The point is no man is perfect or makes perfect decisions. Isn’t that what sets him a part from God? Also, isn’t the massive body of Congress also responsible? Let’s face it, most politicians would sell their sister if it would put $10 in their campaign fund. 6 minutes ago Like


History is often rewritten– especially in America…



No man is perfect.
Research and decide for yourself.

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  1. Russel says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Oh the Scandal! How Do You Measure 525600 Minutes?, thanks for the good read!
    — Russel



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