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We’re Expecting!

We’re expecting! I can’t hold back the exciting news any longer. Do you know how long we’ve been waiting for this? I can’t think of a greater gift the day before Thanksgiving… so much to be thankful for! Not only are we expecting but if all goes according to plan, the delivery is supposed to take place this morning! I’m actually carrying my cellphone with me throughout the house as I finish getting things in order so I don’t miss any updates.

I had my camera out, checking to make sure my battery was charged and ready so I can take pictures of the delivery. Michael asked what I was doing and acted a little disgusted that I wanted to record the event for posterity. “Does anyone really want to see pictures of that?”

Since we only found out, for sure, last week — I’ve been rushing around trying to finish decorating the room and getting everything in order. It’s a little nerve-racking when you haven’t done this before. A few last minute additions and now the waiting begins. I hope it doesn’t take long but you never can predict these things. Hopefully there won’t be any complications with the delivery.

I know this will seem sudden to many of our friends but this has been in the works for years. Now, the time is right and we’re definitely not getting any younger.

Michael and I started discussing this early in our relationship and looked in to the possibility. After weighing the time and expense we put our plans on hold until we were more financially secure and settled down. Besides, when we first started looking, we found it would be fairly easy to find a black or brown one but we had our hearts set on a white one, which are much harder to come by. I know that doesn’t sound very PC but it’s our live-long commitment and what felt right for us.

It’s been a long process and I can hardly believe the day is finally here! I couldn’t sleep last night I was so excited.

So if you’re reading this in the morning, think of us and pray all goes well. If it goes according to plan, the delivery should take place before noon. I’ll post an update later as well. In the meantime, I’ll just be a nervous wreck.




I can’t wait for the arrival of our White Baby Grand Piano!