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Just An Update

Jeff Linamen

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I though I better take a few minutes and post an update since it’s been a week since I last posted. This time of year is extremely always busy and my head is full of “To Do” Lists.

Last Sunday night, Michael and I watched the 25th anniversary production of Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall on PBS. It brought back the memories of seeing it live for the first time on Broadway back in 1988. It hadn’t been my most anticipated show I would see on that trip (Les Miserables was) but it was thrilling– especially with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. We saw the Las Vegas incarnation last March and it’s no wonder it remains an audience favorite after all these years.

Wednesday night, we went to the movie screening of the Phantom sequel, Love Never Dies. Again, from the short London run, no plans to bring it to Broadway and sketchy reviews, I didn’t have high expectations. It was glorious! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score is lush and gorgeous. I love the storyline but think if it should make it’s way to Broadway, the first 20 minutes need to be reworked to draw the audience in to the story sooner. Overall, it is a must-see for theatre lovers.

Rehearsals for RAGTIME are moving full speed ahead… great progress is being made and characters are starting to take shape. We have a month to go until opening. I’m hoping to finally have the show’s blocking complete this week. It’s so much more difficult with a cast of 120 than with 40. Three hour daily rehearsals followed by evenings of school events are starting to take their toll on me.

I’m off to school now for a full day of set construction. Then tonight Michael and I are going to see the comedian, Fluffy– late night. I see a late afternoon nap coming!


The RAGTIME set in progress.

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