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Blind Hate

Jeff Linamen

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love_hate_525I’ll never understand what causes people to become so enraged and be so hateful.

Believe it or not, everyone was not born to hate and everyone was not born a hateable stereotype.

Where does hate come from? Is it jealousy? Partiality? Being disrespected? Envy? Ignorance? Or is hate purely based in fear?

At what point did hate become the acceptable alternative to loving all mankind?

Hate is an extreme, passionate emotion, just like love. Are we strictly taught to hate? In the process, do many people even bother to think about it logically and try to discover the origin of it in their own lives?

An-eye-for-an-eyeAll hate doesn’t evolve into violence. All hate does affect behavior and the treatment of others. Sometimes the vehemently caustic words so easily expressed by some, are more damaging than actual physical violence enacted by others.

We often see hate expressed violently in correlation to religion, race, politics and class. At what point did these groups become nothing more than targeted and often, victimized stereotypes? Granted, it’s much easier to hate a group than it is to hate an individual. It certainly saves time. If someone really wants to live in an isolated bubble then hating, by definition is a simple solution. Why waste time getting to know people as individuals?

Hate+ Isolation= An Ignorant, Fear-Filled Life

Hate2wIn social media, you see so many people expressing feelings, judging others and many times probably not even realizing, that what they are doing is hurtful. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. People really need to realize that the way they express their opinions can come across as hateful and hurtful to others; even if it is unintentional. I completely defend everyone’s right to freedom of speech and practice it myself, frequently. But, I believe there is more danger in the words of those– that unknowingly, express hatred towards others than those that side with, and identify with openly defined hate groups.

Love-and-Hate2Politics is one of the most visible arenas for acceptable expressions of hate. Parties disagree. We all understand that. Threats and total disregard for another viewpoint without any credible validation? Unacceptable.

It’s an election year and we have candidates perpetuating hate on both sides. In effect, what I hear from politicians is quite often the exact same accusations and promises, twisted to their benefit, according to what they think the public wants to hear. Or, at least enough people to get them elected.

Politicians are hypocrites and thrive on contradiction. Politics has become a game of hate. Who hates whom more?

In a game, there is a winner and a loser.

In a game of hate, no one wins and everyone loses.

Isn’t it the same with every other aspect of our society? Instead of hating others because of their differences, how about some meaningful discussions about how we can all get along and come to some concrete, acceptable solutions? Does loving one another no longer exist? How about some education and acceptance?

But that would take time and effort. People might be required to step out of the safety of their bubble….


It’s much easier to just hate.


  1. Years ago I came to the conclusion that the opposite of love is fear! Hate is one of the possible manifestations or outcomes of that fear. I’d like you to explore that further instead of focusing on the one aspect: hate. I would postulate that your whole hate pyramid is built on a foundation of fear!


    • jlinamen1229 says:

      I found the pyramid used on numerous websites and thought I’d share it as an example. You bring up a good point though. I think we can agree that the extreme positive end of the scale is love. But is the opposite extreme: hate or fear? Historically, love and hate are most used as opposites. When you look deeper though, hate can easily be seen to be caused by fear but you really can’t say fear is caused by hate. What gets tricky for me is that I can think of many instances where there is a direct correlation between love and fear– how they can intertwine; where the same can also be said about hate and fear. I don’t believe the ‘love-hate relationship’ idea can be used as an adequate comparison. In the purest form it can only be one or the other. I’ll definitely explore it more in the near future.


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