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Let’s flashback to the old days…

She’s just a housewife,

A wife and mother.

She has the easiest job in the world.

Cooking, cleaning and playing with the children all day,

What an honorable and easy life!

o-CLEAN-HOME-facebook I can still remember when most families survived on one income. The fathers went to work and mothers stayed at home with the children. A family was two parents, a dog and 2.5 kids.

I remember when it all started to change and women were belittled if they still chose to have a career and raise a family. They were called selfish.

I remember when families started to struggle to survive and it became more necessary for both parents to work, just to financially keep their heads above water.

I remember when there was an increase in single parent families and the mom (in most cases) or dad had to be both the bread winner and the sole parent.

I remember when the terms stay at home dad and stay at home mom came into popularity. They called these parents lucky, lazy or unmotivated.

It’s funny how public perceptions change in a matter of a few years. It’s sad how judgmental we are as a society.

Just a housewife. Think about it.

I know there are some people at there that totally know what I’m talking about. Others, probably have no comprehension.

man-cleaningI realized, myself, when we got our boxer puppy Belle just how difficult it must have been for my own mom to take care of the house, the shopping, and us all at the same time.  With the new one in our house, the whole schedule changed. Cooking and cleaning and house projects had to revolve around Belle. Children, two or four-legged, need attention, structured activities and protection. Turn your back for a moment and anything can happen.

My Mom was a teacher when my sister and I were small. We had a babysitter whose house we went to when my Mom went to teach. When my brother was born, my Mom took a break from being a career girl and became a stay at home Mom for a few years.

As we got a little older and started helping out doing chores, my Mom returned to work full time. I never stopped to think how much help we really were to my parents by doing those simple, regular chores. I never appreciated how stressful it could be. I also never appreciated how time consuming and difficult it must have been running a house and raising three kids. So for that, I say a heartfelt, Thank You! — I get it now.

There aren’t too many housewives around anymore. Those that are, I salute you. You are the least appreciated– unpaid, full-time employees in existence.



  1. theirdialogue says:

    Well said. And yes, thank you housewives/househusbands; you are very valuable and important. No one can do it like you.


  2. xoxolovedee says:

    Thank you for this post! Being a stay at home mommy/daddy is hard, thankless work. But those little smiles make it all worth while.


  3. Thanks for the appreciation! 😊


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