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Of Puppies, Snowflakes and Fallen Angels

Jeff Linamen

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Yesterday started out simply enough: I woke up, made coffee and got my early morning grocery shopping out of the way.

The next thing I knew, it became just one of THOSE days

62980094759159055_WjOIPgVa_bI had to wait for a train on the way home and hit every traffic light. There was no one else on the road. Michael woke up late and was rushing around getting ready, while also trying to get the dogs fed and settled– when I walked in the door.

I put the groceries away and turned around to discover Belle had learned a new trick. She had figured out how to jump up on the basement table–and she was eating the cat’s food. She had just had her own breakfast.

Yes, one of those days.

It’s too cold, too early in November with a wind chill of ten below.

Belle and Cash did not want to be outside. Dudley didn’t really seem to care. Whenever I tried to get the bigger two to go out, they’d just stare through me like I wasn’t there. Dudley really has no choice, his little bulldog puppy legs are too short to maneuver the stairs so he gets picked up and carried.

I was trying to bring Christmas decorations in from the garage, beating myself up for not putting them up sooner, while it was warm. This is what I get for trying to be a considerate neighbor by not putting them up too early.

It snowed a really fine snow, off and on, all through day with only a little accumulation. If it wasn’t cold enough already, the fierce wind made it brutal.

I’m decorating the exterior of the house, pretty much the same way I did last year, with a few minor changes here and there. I’d hung the large snowflakes on the porch over the weekend– but I hadn’t secured them and they were rocking and spinning with the wind. I was sure they were going to fly away with the real snowflakes. This prompted me to feel like I had to secure them today, despite the cold.

I rounded the corner of the house to find that not only were my snowflakes trying to take off– my two trumpeting angels had taken nose dives from the front porch, down the stairs. I’d already weighted them down with bricks– but not secured them to the railing. Apparently, the wind was strong enough to not only send the angels crashing to the ground; it also catapulted one of the bricks (as the angels went over) down to the sidewalk. Seeing the angels lying there, made me think of that horrible, current Life Alert commercial with the moaning woman and spilled clothes basket. This almost made me laugh.


I put the angels back together, fastened them down, then secured the snowflakes before checking again on the babies.

originalI went in to warm up and see if I could get them to go out… no deal. So I kept working. Every time I’d go in to check, Belle and Cash were either curled up together on the rug, or Cash was by the door (waiting for me) and Belle was asleep on a big pillow in the chair. (Dudley was sleeping soundly in his crate during all this.)

I brought some more decorations in and finally convinced the dogs to go out– that is, I bribed them with treats. They did their business, only lasting a few minutes before they wanted to go back in.

Now, I know I should have taken their lead and just stayed inside myself and snuggled with them– but I really wanted to get some of these things done so I didn’t feel like I was getting behind.

When I finally did decide to stay inside, things didn’t get much better. Belle decided to climb up on the bed, get Cash’s stuffed toy and pull as much stuffing out as possible, spreading all over the top of the stairs. Two of the window snowflakes I hung, didn’t light up after I’d run the cords and had to come down and be replaced. Dudley decided the only way he wanted to play was to chew on me;  chopping down on my hand, making it bleed. And– I was making a big mess of the dining room with the decorations.

It wasn’t completely bad though…

All this time, aside from not wanting to go out– Cash was my buddy. He helps me. He stayed nearby, stayed out of trouble– watching me; content to get an occasional rub or scratch behind the ears. Always listening to me while I worked, responding to my mumbling, by cocking his head and panting.

Altering my plan, I was able to get quite a few of my lights up– Even though Belle was doing her best to distract me with her mischief. Though sometimes a handful, it’s hard to get mad at those cute puppy faces. And Cash, well, he’s my proud old man.

I didn’t even bother to try to start cooking before Michael came home and he graciously offered to do it, while Belle and Dudley wrestled around on the floor. I kept working, we ate, then Michael took the puppies back down to play while Cash and I finished up what we could on the first floor. Translation: I was up and down the ladder and he snored away on the couch.

It was after eight before I finally sat down to finish my blog post… the next thing I knew, it was time for bed.

I was working on this post this morning when everyone got up… Annnnnd……

The day ignited with crashing pet gates, Belle trying to eat everyone’s food and Dudley chewing my toes through my socks….

Suffice it to say, it’s pretty crazy around here every day. If it’s not snowing and angels are falling to earth– then there’s some new unexpected adventure in the works.

It’s just another amazing day.

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  1. Pat says:

    You have a home to decorate, animals who love you (most of the time), and Michael who helps when you are overwhelmed. You are so fortunate!


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