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Remembering Roxie: One Year Later

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Roxie loved laying outside on the cool concrete. (2005)

Roxie loved lying outside on the cool concrete. (2005)

Roxie the Hunter. (2003)

Roxie the Hunter. (2003)

One year gone.  I can’t even begin to recount the many ways I miss her. She’s been in my head constantly this past week. I celebrate her daily. She was one of the greatest gifts in my life.

Even as a puppy, Roxie had the most expressive eyes. There’s truth in the saying, the eyes are the window to the soul. Her eyes were always full of love, mischief and wonder.

January 11, 2014Michael left for work and I’m sitting here in silence feeling numb but thankful. It’s been three days.

My boys are curled up, Collins in the crook of my arm, eyes half closed– purring. Cash is snuggled against me with his head in my lap. I think he slept like I did last night, tossing and turning. The slightest sound and he’d raise his head– looking for her.

Laying on Cash, Snuggling as usual. (2006)

Roxie on Cash, Snuggling as usual. (2006)

Roxie and Cash were brother and sister from the same litter. Roxie was the runt of the litter which might have contributed to a number of her health issues over the years. She was always much smaller than Cash and never really had the traditional Boxer’s physique.

Roxie was the hunter. If there was a critter in the yard– she’d find it. Roxie would track them down and alert Cash, who would go in for the attack.

This was particularly troublesome with skunks. Roxie usually found them– but Cash always got the worst of the spray.

Roxie was the one who found and rescued Cozette, as a newborn kitten, in our backyard.

I also think she instigated most of the duos adventures, getting them into trouble. She was just better at not getting caught.

Roxie and Cash play-fighting in the snow.

Roxie and Cash play-fighting in the snow. (2004)

Roxie loved the snow. She loved to run and play in it; and of course, eat it.

She loved to eat! She was always hungry– Furniture, toys, books, Christmas ornaments, pillows, sticks…. it was all a buffet to her.


September 17, 2014A stuffed monkey head. What’s the big deal? It’s just a chewed up monke– Scratch that. Her monkey head. I found myself going through the toy box cleaning it up, time to throw out some of the old. worn out toys. Another step in letting go.

Roxie, May 2013.

Roxie, May 2013.

As time passes I see her so differently in my head. The image of her spirit and soul take over and blur my memory. I see the younger, more vibrant Roxie. I see her love and affection. My mind has started to erase her frailties. It’s startling to see pictures of her from her last few months. It’s not the way I remember her.

December 18, 2014That moment when you’re decorating and you go to hang an ornament… And it spins around and you see where Roxie chewed it, her last Christmas and the waterfall starts and doesn’t want to stop. ‪#‎loveneverdies‬

No matter what the challenge– even after she was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus, she was always happy and affectionate. Though her body started to age rapidly, she remained a spirited puppy at heart.

Today, in remembrance, I want to put the grief aside and celebrate the pure joy she brought to our lives. I’m remembering her playful mischief. I’m smiling, remembering her crazy excitement, twisting her body– doing her kidney bean dance, whenever we’d come home. I’m thinking about hours of warm snuggles and wet sloppy kisses. My sweet, sweet, angel- baby girl.

Roxie, November 2013.

Roxie, November 2013.

Napping with a much younger Roxie, 2003.

Napping with a much younger Roxie, 2003.

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