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Back to Cambodia (Sort Of)

Jeff Linamen

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Southeast Asia Travel Day Ten: Michael and I woke up ridiculously early, considering we didn’t get to bed until after midnight. We were both up before 3 AM. I took advantage of the time to upload pictures to Facebook and for future blog posts while everyone else was asleep—meaning a faster Internet connection.

I worked on my blog, we watched some TV and explored the ship a bit before getting ready for breakfast. Breakfast has turned out to be my favorite meal of the day on the ship. The bacon is the best I’ve ever had. Apparently, some people were complaining it wasn’t crispy enough and I thought that was pretty funny.

Phil Birsh, President and CEO of Playbill.

Phil Birsh, President and CEO of Playbill.

This morning, Phil Birsh gave a talk about Playbill and its long association with Broadway and theatres around the country. It’s been in his family a long time and they do a wonderful job supporting the theatre community, from Broadway all the way down to providing services for schools.

This afternoon we were anchored in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and many people had excursions planned. We’d researched it before the trip and decided not to leave the ship. Re-entering Cambodia meant we needed another Visa and we felt it wasn’t worth it. None of the excursions appealed to us; besides, it was a short stay of only about four hours. Instead, we took a long nap.

We made the right choice. I didn’t hear one person say they enjoyed their excursion and there were some horror stories from people as well. One group ended up hiking through swampland to get back to dry ground after rain and an aborted tour.

Norm Lewis

Norm Lewis

The Norm Lewis concert was tonight. He’s always phenomenal. There’s just something really extraordinary about the way he connects with an audience—his powerhouse voice is pretty astounding too. Norm was on the Baltic cruise (BOTHS3) too. He’s one of the nicest people you could ever meet.


Norm Lewis in Concert.

Norm Lewis in Concert.


Norm Lewis brings down the house.

Norm Lewis brings down the house.

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